Home Repair

A Brush With Kindness/Home Repair

We recognize that there is a tremendous need throughout Addison County to help people who own their homes but do not have the resources to complete essential minor repairs like peeling paint, rotting steps, and broken railings.   With this in mind, we began our A Brush With Kindness/Home Repair Program in 2013.

We require partner families to pay all or part of the cost of materials and to contribute some hours to the project.  We offer interest-free loans for up to 7 years.

To qualify, we require that you:

  • Reside in your own home in Addison County
  • Have a household income below 70% of the Addison County median (see below)
  • Be willing to pay part of the cost and put in some volunteer time

Household Income

1 person: $35,000

2 people: $40,700

3 people: $45,750

4 people: $50,850

5 people: $54,900

6 people: $59,000

7 people: $63,050

8 people: $67,100

If interested, please call 802-388-0400 or e-mail habitat.addison@yahoo.com for an application.