Apply for a Home


  1. Housing Need – Applicants must reside in housing that fits Habitat’s description of inadequate or substandard. For example:severe structural problems, poor heating, leaks in the roof, overcrowding (three to a bedroom), unsafe or unsanitary conditions.
  2. Income – Habitat sets specific minimum and maximum income requirements based on the size of the family. (See Income Requirements). A stable employment history, evidence of an ability to manage money responsibly, and the ability to make monthly house payments of approximately $700 to $800 a month (including taxes and insurance) is required. With your permission, we will verify employment and other income, verify checking and savings account balances, get a statement from your current and previous landlords, have a credit check done, and ask for your credit references.
  3. Willing to Partner – Applicants must be willing to work cooperatively with Habitat. They must attend Homeowner Workshops and meet with Habitat representatives to prepare for successful home ownership. They must help build their home. All adult (18 years and older) members of the household must be willing to work 200 hours of sweat equity, to a household maximum of 400 hours, 25% of these hours can be contributed by designated family and friends.

If approved for a Habitat home, a $500 down payment is required within 90 days of acceptance.

If you believe you qualify for a home according to these guidelines, we encourage you to fill out and return the application form. Your application will be reviewed as soon as it is received and you will be contacted. All information is considered confidential and is to be used only for family selection.  If you have any questions, please call Habitat for Humanity of Addison County at 802-388-0400 or to email us atHabitat of Addison County Applications. click this link.

Application Form

Click here for the Application Form. This PDF includes the selection process, application form, checklist and income eligibility guidelines…


After reviewing this material, if you feel you meet the qualifications, you can print and complete the application and mail it to the Habitat office, or contact us at or call us at 388-0400 and you will be sent an application and some supplementary material.