Habitat Family

Mission: We construct simple, decent, affordable houses in partnership with families who currently live in unsuitable housing and have no possibility of obtaining a home through any conventional means. We then sell these houses to the partner families for cost, with no profit and no interest. We keep costs low by using volunteer labor, providing a means for people who have resources of time, money, or materials to channel them to the poor.


Are you tired of paying rent? Looking to own your own sustainable home? We are continually searching for partners to live in homes we build in Addison County. We encourage you to take the next step and contact us at HabitatApplicationsAC@gmail.com for further information, or call us at 388-0400.  All of our homeowners say they never thought they would qualify nor that they would be selected, but they were. Click here for eligibility criteria and application form.


If you live within driving distance of Addison County, Vermont, we welcome you to join us in our adventure. Whether you are manually-skilled or not, we welcome volunteers of all types. We welcome your assistance even if you can’t drive a nail! Click here for more information!


Each home costs about $175,000 cash in addition to the volunteer labor and donations in kind. That includes a 10% donation to the International Organization, which is helping provide housing all over the world. Thus, we welcome your financial help! All donations are tax-deductible. If you would like to make a donation, click here to do so!


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